Legal Gambling Reports from all around the world

It can be often very confusing getting to grips with and fully understanding the many different laws, regulations and individual regulatory rules surrounding gambling sites, gambling venues and gambling apps.

It is with that in mind Legal Gambling Report was launched, for throughout this entire website you are going to find a wealth of information surrounding every type of gambling environment, and will discover what laws and regulations each gambling venue or site has to adhere to depending in which country they are based.

As a potential customer of any land based gambling venues or any online or mobile gambling sites, you should first discover what the laws are surrounding gambling in general based on where you live.

Plus, you should make an effort to find out what each gambling site or venue is going to be offering you not only in regards to games, betting opportunities, bonuses and promotional offers but also in regards to fairness and the protection o your gambling funds too.

With that in mind please do take a good look around the Legal Gambling Report website as by doing so you will soon discover the pros and cons of gambling anywhere, and will also be in a much better position to judge which gambling sites or venues should be the ones you visit and gamble at.

Gambling News Updates Daily

We have our own in-house team of journalists who update this site daily will all of the latest gambling news updates, and as such if you do have a keen interest in the gambling industry then you should bookmark our website and check back daily.

Keep in mind that the gambling industry is a constantly changing and evolving one, and if you do have a keen interest in gambling online, on a mobile device or even at brick and mortar land based venues our daily news stories will always keep you informed and up to date.

One aspect of gambling in any shape or form is that there can often be changes in regards to the laws and regulations surrounding doing so in different countries of the world.

With that in mind out team of  journalists are going to also be keeping you fully abreast of any legislative changes affecting any country and also bringing you the very latest updates from all Gambling Commissions and individual Licensing Authorities too.

Plus, we will of course be bringing you up to the minute reviews and opinion pieces on all new casino games, poker games and bingo games, and also bringing you the very latest sports betting news too.

Gambling Licensing Commissions

There are plenty of different countries all over the world that have some form of legal system in place whereby they can and do have the ability to license and regulate any type of gambling venues.

However, with the advent of both mobile and online gambling sites some countries have not been able or even willing to get an infrastructure in place that allows them to both regulate and license such sites and apps and as such there can be a whole world of difference in regards to the individual laws surrounding gambling sites based on just which country you live in.

If you do live in a country that has a Gambling Commission or Licensing Authority that can and does license land based, online and mobile betting sites you should only ever sign up to those betting and gambling sites licensed in your own country of residence

By doing so you are not likely to run into any problems at those sites or venues. However, if you live in a country that has no legal infrastructure in place to regulate or license any type of online or mobile gambling sites, then I would advise you to only ever gamble at sites that do hold a gambling license, but one issued by a country with some fairly strict gambling laws.

Please do have a good look around this website for when you do so you will find information on all manner of different Gambling Commissions, which should make selecting a gambling site at which to gamble at mush easier to do.

Plus, you will of course be assured of a fair and reasonable chance of winning and getting paid out your winnings in a timely fashion when gambling only at fully legal and licensed gambling sites too.

Legal Age to Gamble

Be aware that you do need to be the legal age to gamble in whichever country of the world you live in, and that is the same whether you choose to gamble in a land based venue or when you play online or even at a mobile casino site.

All gambling site operators risk a huge fine or even put their gambling license at risk if they allow anyone under the legal age to gamble to gamble on their premises or at their sites.

As such you will need to find out just how old you need to be based on your country of residence before you sign up to any type of gambling sites.

Be aware that as part of your account verification process, that all gambling site operators and owners will need to perform, you will often be asked to send into the site copies of your current and valued identification documents.

That will often entail you making copies of and sending into the site a copy of your passport or your driving license, and they will often also need to see some other form or document, such as a recent utility bill that confirms both your name and where you live too.

Once you have had your account verified you will then be able to make deposits and withdrawals to and from your account within the time scales offered by that gambling site.

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